A Turkish Bath just the thing to help you decompress.There are still more than a hundred to choose from, but the best place to take the plunge after a long and dusty day of bargaining is the CAGALOGLU was a gift to the city in 1741 from Sultan Mehmet 1. and its believed that King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Franz Liszt and Florence Nightingale have all visited its magnificent whithe-marble domed steam room. Tony Curtis unquestionably did. Public baths orginally founded by the Romans, who passed the tradition on to the Byzantines and from them to the Turks.Baths were a public utility because of water shortages and

provided a perfect marriage between the Koran's demand for cleanliness and the pleasure of corporal indulgence in a beautiful setting.Although most Turkish homes(especially in the cities) have adequate plumbing today, the baths remain a social institution.Incidentally, the penalty for a man discovered in the women's used to be death; these days you can escape to find the men's and women's baths separately housed in the interiors that have not changed much since Ottoman days.When; open Mon-Sat CAGALOGLU HAMAMI; on Yerebatan Caddesi at Babıali Caddesi near Cagaoglu Square (near Hagia Sofia). Cost; admission.


The Cağaloğlu Hamam, finished in 1741, is the last hamam to be built in the Ottoman Empire. It was constructed in Istanbul Eminönü, in Alemdar, on Hilal-i Ahmer street as a public hamam to raise revenue for the library of Sultan Mahmud I, previously situated inside the mosque of Ayasofya. It was begun by one of the head architects of that time, Suleyman Aga, and finished by Abdullah Aga. It is the last example of its kind to be built in Istanbul and is still operational in our time.


They visited us and you?

King Edward John VIII

Kaiser Wilhelm

Florence Nightingale

Franz Liszt

Omar Sherif

Tony Curtis

Richard Harrison

Rudolf Nureyev

Gian Franco Ferre

Brain May

Jenson Button

Rıfat Özbek

Adile Naşit

Barış Manço

Cameron Diaz

Chevy Chase

East 17

George Soros

Georges Wolinski

John Carew

Kate Moss

Kemal Sunal

Monica Molina

Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu

Müjde Ar

Şener Şen

Sertab Erener

Steve Irwin

Uğur Dündar

Harrison Ford


You may choose from the following styles of bath.


Enjoy the use of hamam's facilities, while indulging in its unparalleld historical atmosphere.

Turkish Massage

Relax in the hammam, followed by a complete body massage by one of our attendants.You will feel revived and rejuvenated after this 10-minute dry massage.

Exfoliating Service

Treat yourself to our vigorous exfoliating treatment.Your skin will be scrubbed by one of our experienced assistants, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother.

Complete Bath Service

Relive the aches and pains of the day with this popular combination of services 2 & 3.Unwind in the tranquility of the hamam, followed by our exfoliating treatment and 10 minutes of body massage.

Deluxe Oriental Service

Indulge yoursel with a full body exfoliation, followed by a 10-minute dry massage, and then another luxurious 10-minutes of foam massage by one of our skilled employees.Your will feel completely reborn.

Sultan 1. Mahmut Service

Full body scrabbing, followed by 15 minutes dry massage, then a 15-minute foam massage.During the massage portion of the service, you will be massaged by two attendants for double your relaxation.After your service, a special moisturizer and fresh-pressed orange juice will be provided in your cabin.A heavenly experience from start to finish!